Nothing much to blog

Well, there is not too much going on in our world, so here are a few things:

  • well, i finished my internship hours, met with my teacher, filled out my survey and I think i am finished! Yay! Only two more classes and then that diploma is mine.
  • our trip to Honduras that got cancelled for July, got cancelled again. It looks like me and Jd will be taking a vactiones solo later this year. which will be better cause sometimes I get annoyed with middle class people who freak out because it’s dirty there.
  • we are hoping to get a puppy soon.
  • my little brother is moving to Shanghai, China in a few weeks and won’t be back until Christmas Eve. I hope to go visit him.
  • The olympics are coming soon! That means that I will develop some sort of unnatural interest in gymnastics, track and field, swimming, or diving. Go Team USA!
  • I heard that Lars and the Real Girl is a great movie, so I will be renting it soon and review it here.
  • If you want to see a wonderful movie, please see “Autism: The Musical”. It is amazing.

I think that’s all the updates I have. See you later!


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