It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that Jesus said we would not be popular, that His truths are not popular, that standing up for the right thing might just might kick your ass. It’s been hard for me to be seen as not having compassion and grace. I guess I just think that there is a large difference between having grace for someone and condoning their actions. I guess my struggle is just wanting people to like me, and that can’t always happen.

In other, more exciting  news, I start my last semester of school tomorrow. That’s right, after six years, and lots of tears, I will finally graduate on December 14, 2008. It is almost scary to say that, because I am afraid I will mess it up, and then just have to wait more. According to my advisor, I am ready to graduate, if I pass everything this semester. In fact, I have already applied for graduation.


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  1. i’m sorry you’re getting a lot of slack from the whole situation … i know someone else who you probably know that was talking about the Barnabas thing and that she’s trying to figure out how to react and what to do too … i know that you’re not alone in your opinions and i do believe that you’re doing the right thing.and congrats on the upcoming graduation! yay!

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