So my anxiety has lessened significantly since last week. I have been just chillin and it has been pretty good. Jd and I had a fun weekend. On Friday night we went to see my sister Amy pla volleyball at her high school. She is a senior this year and starting on the Varsity. I like going because we won’t have any sports to go see once she graduates. On Saturday, I got up and ran eight miles ( I decided to run a half marathon on November 2, so this was a training run, not a normal one, mom.) Then Courtney and DJ came over and we went to Fort Worth to the Rahr Brewwery. They are only open on Saturday from 1-3, so we went bought a mug or two, and got our tokens for three beers. I don’t like beer that much, so I drank about half of one then gave Jd my tokens. We then came home and played MExican train all afternoon. After the Hofmanns went home, we got grandy’s for dinner, and watched “The Prestige”. It was great. See it. On Sunday we celebrated my step dad and my aunt’s birthday and my grandma was in town, after that we took CoCo on a long walk, and I went to bed. I was tired.

Life is worrysome right now for me. The house we live in is on the market, mainly because my uncles were pressuring my dad to sell it already.  So, I travel around with the ever present thought in the background that we may soon be homeless. I know God is way bigger than this and that He really wants us to stay in this free house until we move (okay, that last part I am not so sure of.) So, He is in charge of everything, and He is good, so I guess I don’t need to worry.

And, the dog has not peed inside in two days! Wahooooo!


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