Yo Quiero Pastel

This past month has been one of celebration.  My 26th birthday was this past Sunday. We spent a few hours playing volleyball, listening to soccer on the radio, eating cake and watermelon, and playing football Americano. It was a good time, especially because it was my first time to have a pinata at my birthday party.
Here we are at our surprise anniversary party!
Honduras- March 2010 011 These are Ruth and Arturo’s daughters, Noemi and Abi.

Honduras- March 2010 045 This is the puppy that lives on the land. He made me really miss our sweet dog, Coco. Join us soon, Coco!!!
Here we are with my pinata, you don’t need to see her head.
Honduras- March 2010 054
Honduras- March 2010 058 Abi hitting the pinata.
Honduras- March 2010 072 The best part, CANDY!!!!!!!
Honduras- March 2010 075 Delicious cake! It’s not as good as my mom’s, but it will do!

God has given me such peace in the last few days. I thought it would be very hard to be away from home on my birthday, and was actually dreading it, but He has provided many people who love us here, who have helped to keep some of the homesickness at bay.