Our Visit with Hillside Community Church

Before I begin, I must apologize profusely for the fact that this blog will be picture-free. I thought I would take a moment to recount our time with Hillside before new things happen and I forget what all happened while Hillside was here. So, here is my day by day recount of my experiences these last few weeks.

Thursday, July 15: Jd and I go to school, and leave early, around 8:15.  I want to go home and fix my hair before we leave to get Hillside in Teguc. We go up to the church, and Jim asks us to ride with him and Arturo. We get in the car, and realize that Jim only wanted us to ride with him because he has job for us. He hands us a bag full of money and says “Split this into 33 equal groups to hand out. It should beabout 380 limps a person”. So, 380 is a easy number. Geez. Even though we had air conditioning, I am now lamenting the idea to forgo the bus. We pick up Hillside, and Jd sees a guy he knows from many years ago at The Village, his name is Mark and he and his wife now go to Hillside. We ride back, I and I enjoy talking and sharing with people on the bus. That night, our church had a welcome service for the Hillside group, then soccer until 11:00 at night. I rarely see 11 at night, since I get up at 5 for school, so I was ready to go home. 


Friday July 16: The Hillside gang visits our school! We are having game day where we are playing traditional games in elementary school. The high school guys play soccer and hear a bit about Jesus, and some women go to hang out with the high school girls, fixing hair and nails and all that girly stuff. Another group visits downstairs, participating in a sack race, and hanging with the kids in the classrooms. On Friday night, we had a youth event at church where Kelly and Chris (crap forgot the name) shared their testimonies. We had a good turnout, despite the rain and downpour that happened in the afternoon.


Saturday July 17: We get up early to have VBS at church, we play with the kids for a few hours and then, in the afternoon, go shopping. I get to hang out with Kelly, Kendra, Mark, and Conner, and show them some places in town. We share delicious cake and just hang out for a while. That night, we have church. I sing a song with Jill Bream, and then my head begins to hurt, my eyes itch, and it happens again. Every time I am near the church or near my school, my eyes itch and I get sick. I go home and Jd goes to a students birthday party.


Sunday July 18: We get up early, again, for another round of construction and VBS. After VBS, the Honduran girls play soccer against the Hillside girls. We lose. I informed the other Honduran girls that we will be practicing for a rematch. We will win, watch out. After, that, we hang out downtown, while some groups go to see the area near the church and some play basketball downtown. We eat dinner out with everyone, sharing in the Lord’s Supper. It was a good time. 

Monday July 19, Tuesday July 20: Jd and I have school, but in the morning Hillside visits some schools. In the evening, there is a men’s conference and a women’s conference. On Tuesday, we visit the school for street kids and hang with them. It is a good time, and I always enjoy visiting that school.

Wednesday July 21: In the morning, Hillside visits some schools, and in the afternoon, we go to the community of people who live in and near the trash dump. We take them food, clothes, and share the gospel. It is always a humbling experience to visit the trash dump. It never fails to make me sad and angry at the cycle of poverty, at sin, and at people who won’t help themselves do something better. Sometimes these people make me angry because they just want the handout, they don’t want to work, or attend church. Arturo has tried, people have tried. They just want the stuff. In the evening, it is the last night of the women’s conference. It is hot as hell as I work in the three year old room with Gabby, Dave, Chris, Alli and others. Gabby fans us with a piece of paper. When the evening ends, I say goodbye to my Hillside friends and go home to go to bed.

Thursday July 22: The hillside group goes home. We begin to miss them, but are glad to return to our regular schedule. It’s pretty crazy when groups are here. 


Thanks Hillside, for coming, for loving Danli, for loving Honduras. This place has been forever changed because of your work, and we are so grateful for it! See you next year!