On Telling the truth

Sometimes you tell the truth and no one wants to hear it. And then they get mad at you. Sometimes, you don’t tell the truth, and no one gets mad, but keeping it quiet was not the most loving thing that could have been done. 

I am outraged at what is happening at Penn State. The fact that a football program took precedence over the safety and well being of young boys is disgusting. Joe Paterno should have told the truth, to the dang police. Scott McQueary should have told the truth. Yeah, they did what they had to legally, but what about our moral responsibility. I wonder if they just didn’t want to believe that someone they love so much could be molesting children. Maybe they just wanted to do what they had to to cover their butts and sweep it under the rug. Maybe they wanted to live in denial. They not only failed those boys, but they failed Joe Sandusky. He should have been stopped long ago, he should have been called out on his stuff, he should have been exposed. Yet, no one wanted to hear it. If the men in that football program really loved Sandusky as much as they said they did, they should have called him out years ago. Because loving someone means telling the truth to them and about them, especially if they are involved in something so wrong. And even if no one wants to hear it. 

I tell the truth, at least I try, but I am not perfect. But I strive to always tell the truth.  It’s what I do. I will tell it when you want to hear it, I will tell it when you don’t want to hear it, I will tell you the truth because I love you. Now, I will be honest here, sometimes my words are harsh. Sometimes they are inappropriate, not well thought out, hurtful.I have many friends whom I have said things to in love, and they were not taken that way. I have hurt others. But that is never my intention. My intention is not to hurt you when I tell you something. It is to help you. I will be honest even if it makes me a total social pariah. Even if it makes things uncomfortable. And in return for telling the truth, I invite others to tell me the truth. And when I hear it, I make a conscious effort to take what that person says and weigh it carefully. Sometimes people just vent and bitch me out, sometimes I need to hear that truth, even if it’s ugly. But when I take a moment to consider what was said, I can take what I need to hear and leave the rest. 

I believe the truth will set you free. I believe that exposing someone’s sin is the most loving thing you can do. I believe redemption comes only once confession comes. I believe true redemption and reconciliation can only come with true repentance, true confession, and facing all the consequences of one’s actions. And I believe calling someone out is loving someone well, and as believers this needs to be happening. Regardless of it is uncomfortable. Because we need to love others more than our own comfort and desire to live in denial.



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