I am tired of Brain Tumors.

This past Sunday, I went with my sister and her husband to the church her husband is the worship pastor at. (Crosspointe Community is a great church in Corinth, if anyone wanted to know) Anyways, I went because my latest and greatest nephew, Graham David, was being dedicated and since I am the favorite aunt of all time, I had to make an appearance. 

Little did I know that this church service would bring some very painful memories to my mind. Ones that, with the events of the past three months, I have not even begin to process or dwell on or even deal with at all. So, Brian, the teaching pastor started sharing about his friend from high school, who was a missionary in Brazil, and was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and had to leave the mission field. His wife and their three children came also, and as this missionary was coming to of customs at DFW last week, he had a seizure and had an emergency brain operation to remove the tumor. His entire right frontal lobe was also removed. He has been in a medically induced coma for a week at Baylor Grapevine. He has been given 12 to 14 months to live. 

It’s hard to hear something like this and not think of what went on in my life this summer. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I thought he was going to die. I was terrified. 

And since then, things have become “muddied” in my personal life, and it’s not looking good, but regardless of what has happened, I still remember that fear. The fear of wondering what was going to happen, would he ever be okay, would WE ever be okay. And I was saddened. I was saddened that yet another woman, another young, vibrant, woman is wondering what the future holds for her family. 

So, I am tired of brain tumors. I am tired of unknowns and dreams that die and hearts that ache with question and waiting.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am tired of this fallen world. I am tired of hurting and watching others hurt. I am tired of crying, I am tired of the pain. This world screams for something to come and make it right. My heart is screaming for something to come and make it right. 

And I guess that is what Christmas really is. Earth and mankind were crying and screaming for someone to make it right, and God sent His son, Jesus. As a baby, and that baby grew, and healed, and ministered, and discipled, and carried His cross up that hill where He died, and by dying and rising again, He made it right.

But that’s not the end. He is coming back. And one day, hopefully soon, Christ will come back and there will be no more tears.

No more fear.

No more injustice.

No more brain tumors. 



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