I enjoy Documentaries…

I watched two documentaries on Sunday afternoon about North Korea and how awful/crazy/scary it is over there, and well, it got me thinking about all the documentaries I have watched over the years and thought everyone should see. So, I am going to make a list. I will still be your friend if you never watch these, however, I think you should and you will not regret it.

1. Autism the Musical -One of the most touching documentaries I have ever seen is Autism the Musical. You can check it out here. It’s the story of a woman who starts a theater troop for children on the Autism spectrum and it is amazing. Tears, people, tears.

2. Grizzly Man -One of the most interesting films documenting the ridiculous of some people is Grizzly Man. It chronicles this guy who moves to Alaska to commune with the bears. He thinks they love him and are family, until the bears eat him. Yep. Make sure you pay special attention when he cries about the drought that is happening. “We need more rain. Tabitha’s eating her babies!!!” Watch it.

3.March of the Penguins- It’s about penguins and their reproductive process. It’s really interesting, plus Morgan Freeman narrates, which makes it all the more dramatic. Plus, penguins are cute and fun and stuff.

4.King Corn- If you have ever wondered what all that high fructose corn syrup is doing to you, watch this and learn. If you haven’t wondered and don’t want to know, just skip this one. It’s for those who want to be informed, and it’s interesting. 

5.Spirit of the Marathon- It’s about people training for the Chicago marathon. It has pro-athletes, international runners, grandmas and grandpas who run, and it will make you want to run a marathon. It inspired me, that and my odd desire to win.

6.Deliver Us From Evil- This documentaries is about Father Oliver O’Grady who reportedly molested 25 or more children while serving in the church. It is an interesting look at the Catholic church scandal, and it is also a look at how sexual abuse affects children. It enraged me, and caused me to pray and weep for children all over the world who are being exploited.

7.Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York- This movie is nuts. There are all these people who live underground in NYC, in this town-like thing. It is crazy!

8. The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia-  What do you get when you cross family feuds, alcohol, and tap-dancing? The Whites of West Virginia. This family is crazy and entertaining and sad all at once.

9.The Business of Being Born- This is an interesting look at birthing, birthing centers, doulas, mid-wives, and regular old having a kid. Of course, you could just ask a pregnant lady in Denton about birth and get the same information.

10. Jesus Camp- This is about this camp run by this totally nuts lady who thinks she can teach kids to speak in tongues. It’s pretty much a movie about Christians who are crazy and why people think we are all crazy. 


So, those are my top ten. But, if you only see one of these…please make it Autism the Musical. It’s so interesting and a great look at life on the Autism spectrum. 


2 thoughts on “I enjoy Documentaries…

  1. I always want to watch a documentary, but I am never sure which one because I really want it to be good so that I’ll watch another one… in short, I’m really glad for this list because now I can watch the good documentaries and not worry about getting a bad or boring one.Also, I can’t believe the one we watched together about the kid who was raised in San Fransisco smoking pot since he was 4… that one was truly fascinating. Spoiler alert… in the end he grows up to be a pot smoker living in a mobile home. Shocker! Laura

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