Protective Love

My little sister got married yesterday. It was a bittersweet day for me, as I was overwhelmed with joy for her while mourning the condition of my own marriage. I love my little sister, and have always had this urge in my heart to protect her. I remember when she was born and I just loved her so. She was joyful, giggly, and blond haired- blue eyed, which I had never seen before as the rest of us have dark coloring. 

When I was eight, and she was one, I had a dream that I woke up and went to get her from her crib and she was gone. I awoke in a panic, ran from my bed, and went to make sure she was still there. This dream began my protective nature towards her. I always wanted to see who her friends were, I wanted to make sure she had nice people around her, I got nervous if she was a little late coming home, ect. In high school, I had another dream and spent nearly a month sleeping in the doorway outside of her room, because I wanted to make sure she was never hurt (Of course, I am not a large person, so I clearly didn’t think through the limitations of my protective skills should someone actually desire to kidnap her). My desire for her to always have joy has been hard to give up. I remember last summer, discussing with her at length how afraid I was for her to get married because I never wanted her to hurt like I was. 

Yesterday, I saw her walk down the aisle and join herself to her new protector. I am so proud of Jared, as he loves Amy well. I am so happy that I can know that my sweet Amy has married someone who will always protect her, and who I know will always seek to have her best interest at heart. Because that is what husbands are to do. They are to protect their wives, protect them from their own sin, protect them from living in fear, they are to provide, love, cherish, and respect their wives. I am so grateful to God that He provided my sweet Amy with a man who loves her well, is teachable, and who seeks after the Lord. 

 My prayer is that your home be a haven and a sweet place where the light of Salvation shines and joy abounds. May God protect your home, grow you to be more like Him, and be generous in His grace.

Congratulations, Amy and Jared!


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