It’s been a while.

Well, it has been a while since I updated this here blog. There has been a lot going on in my world, some of it to be shared at a later date.

  • I took my GRE a few weeks ago, and did as well as I could considering some personal things going on. I will send my application in to a few schools in the next few weeks and see what happens from there.
  • I signed up to run the Dallas Marathon in December (formerly the White Rock), so I have been running more on the weekends, which is way boring on the treadmill but it is too dang hot outside to run that far. Hopefully cooler days will come soon.
  • I am contemplating a tattoo. Not sure if I will actually do it, but perhaps, I will one day, and I will most definetly put a picture up.
  • Today is Arturo’s Birthday. He is the pastor of our church in Danli, and the head of the family I lived with in Honduras. I am so sad to not be there to celebrate with him, but I will see him soon, hopefully.
  • My sweet, noisy, super cute nephew Graham turns on in a week. I cannot believe that he is already one, and am excited to see what the next year brings for him.
  • Graham’s one year birthday is also an anniversary for me of a year of the Lord wrecking my life. I am glad the year is almost over and excited to see what God has for me next. And by excited, I mean terrified.

I think that’s it. So, everyone have a nice day.

Happy Birthday, Arturo!




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