It Never Runs out on Me…

There is a song that says “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…”, and we sang it at small group last night. (Yes, in stereotypical fashion, a group of Christians sat around with an acoustic guitar, shocking, I know!) Anyway, I was thinking about those lyrics, and I don’t know what the author meant, but I know that people often sing those lyrics and think “it never runs out on me” means that it never runs dry, it never ends, it is never finished. And I guess that, for some people, that is a comforting thought, and it’s good and all, but I have never really struggled with God’s love running out, and Him not being able to love me anymore. 

I do struggle with being abandoned, though. Or the fear of it. And as I sang this song last night, I re-thought those words, and I heard in my heart, a small whisper that said “I will never, literally, run out on you”. He won’t. I will never get a call from God that says He got a job somewhere else and is leaving me. I will never come home and see God sitting on the staircase, ready to say goodbye. I will never pull up to my house, and see God’s SUV packed with his things. 

He will never run out on me. His love will never run out on me. It’s not going anywhere.

For me, for you, for anyone. 

His love never ends, it never leaves, it never fails. Even for the ones who do. 


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