A few random thoughts…

I have had a stressful two weeks, and I am so looking forward to a few days off for Christmas. Here are somethings that have been going on.

1. Tomorrow there is a marathon. I am running it. 26. 2 miles, and for the first time, I am running with a partner. This happened randomly, as my running partner, Heather, was supposed to run with someone else, and she got hurt. So, a few twitter messages, phone calls, and texts later, I have a running partner. I think this could be fun!

2. There is a show on Lifetime called “My Life is a Lifetime Movie…” Do they take applications, because I think I qualify.

3. My phone decided to stop charging so I had to get a new one this week. It does not have a real keyboard like my other one, and I am not sure how I feel about this. 

4. I have had a week full of “stress dreams”. My car tires blew out in one and I couldn’t get a mechanic to fix it in time for work, and I couldn’t get a signal to call my boss and I knew a client was coming and I woke up sweaty. In another one, I kept getting sent to different corrals for the marathon, but these corrals were movie theaters, and then once it was the last one, I found my running partner, only to remember that I had forgotten to pick up our packets. Again, woke up sweaty. 

5. My nephew got glasses. This makes me so happy, because now I am not the only person in the house that has glasses. 

6. We had our work Christmas party last night. I was stressed. I was also asked completely inappropriate questions about my divorce, while being super hungry and trying to save the table for my friends, and I wanted to cry. But, in complete and total victory, I neither bitched at anyone or purged my food. Pretty amazing grace from God. 

7. UNT is terrible at paperwork. I interviewed for the counseling master’s program last Friday, only to receive a phone call about it, telling me the dean’s office hadn’t received a paper I had signed, so they couldn’t release my transcript to the counseling program. So I called the Dean’s Office, they said I wasn’t cleared, because they didn’t have the paper, but they said they had received the paper but for some reason I still wasn’t cleared and they aren’t sure why. They said maybe it’s because I haven’t had my meningitis vaccination but that it couldn’t be that because that is listed separately  So, I had to call another office who didn’t know and said they would call back. So, six phone calls, three messages, and two e-mails later, I still have no idea what is going on, but the program decided who was accepted on Thursday, so who knows. The only thing I know for sure is that UNT has screwed up a lot of people’s paperwork. So, maybe I should go somewhere else. 

8. Here’s another thing I have been pondering (for the next stage in life, maybe to undertake in the spring) , but how do people date? Like, how does that work? Where are these people? Am I going to have to internet date? Is that what people do now? I think I’ll become a nun. 

9. Depending on how tomorrow’s run goes, I may do the Cowtown Marathon in February. Stay tuned. 


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