Dallas Marathon 2012

Well, I did it. I finished the marathon in 4:12:47. It was a really humid, wet, and hilly run, but I felt good. My friend Heather and I started off together, and split up around mile 12. I think we hadn’t taken into account the stride difference in someone who is 5 foot (Heather) and 5’9″ (me), and I was so proud of her because even though it was a hard run for her, she finished! Way to go!

Run Highs:

1.Seeing Mallery, Josh, and Anne Lincoln cheering me on.

2.Running into Jamie Hipp who told me he saw my face on a sign.

3.Having my face on a sign that my friend Carissa made for my co-workers and I who ran.

4.High-fiving the kids on the sidelines, reading the funny signs, and being cheered for. 

Run Lows:

1. Miles 21-26 where people kept saying “you’re almost there, only two more miles.” Then five minutes later someone else would say “Almost there, only four more miles”. And they kept saying “This is the last hill”. All I kept thinking was “You’re all liars! Every last one of you!” 

2. It was kind of misty in the morning, so the roads in certain areas were really slick. 

3. There was a guy running and talking on his phone and it made me so sad to think that people can’t even be quiet during a run, they have to be distracted with Twitter and Facebook and talking on the phone. Just run. And think. That’s what so great about running, it’s uninterrupted think time. 

I am almost completely positive I will run the Cowtown in February, so I will take more pictures then, but enjoy these in the mean time.



One thought on “Dallas Marathon 2012

  1. wow i havent used this site in 6 years i happened to google something and found the site and figured out my login.  looks like your the only one that still uses it, crazy huh.  well take care, enjoying running

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