Safety is an Illusion

A few years ago, as I prepared to move to Honduras, I was repeatedly asked if I was scared to be in such a dangerous place. Wasn’t I scared? Didn’t I know that people died there?

Yes, I knew that. I also knew that people die in Texas, too. Yeah, Honduras is so dangerous that the Peace Corps doesn’t send volunteers there anymore, and I am not minimizing the danger, but I am not any less safe there than I am in Keller, TX. More than anything, I knew that God has plans for me and He is good and He holds me in His hands, and He knows my days. And, if something happens, yeah, that’s awful, but God isn’t surprised. And He’s still gracious, loving, and kind.

This morning, I was reminded again about how safety is this illusion we have. Children went to one of the safest places for them, their classrooms, and were met there by a person who did unspeakable damage and harm to children, families, and the community. In a small town. In an elementary school. In Connecticut. In the United States of America.

Now, I am not saying that we are all doomed and we are all in danger and we may all get shot when we go to work tomorrow or go shopping, but we might. I might have a car accident on the way home. You might get robbed. He might get cancer. She might be assaulted.

It could happen. We live in a sinful, fallen, dark world. But there’s hope. There’s Jesus. He came, He saw, He conquered. He has your days numbered, He has your plans made, He watches over you. So, we do not live in fear, those of us who know and love the Lord, because we know that He is light in this dark world. Harm will come. We will get hurt. We will fall, but for the believer, our circumstance does not define our safety. Our safety and security is in Christ alone. 

We are not safe because we live in the US. We are not safe because we own a gun or don’t let our kids watch rated R movies or home school them or whatever you may do to keep everyone “safe”. We are secure because of Jesus, and Him alone. Safety is an illusion in this world. But Christ is not. Hold to that as you hug your babies tighter tonight, cling to that truth as you kiss your spouse goodbye. He is good and He holds us, and that is why, as believers, we are safe and secure. In Him we rest. Because of Him, we can have have peaceful slumber.


Psalm 4:8

 In peace I will both lie down and sleep;    

for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.




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