New Beginnings

I started a new job on April 19. I am teaching special education in Grand Prairie at a middle school. Ya’ll, these kids are big. These kids are tough. It has been really hard. There have been tears and frustration and exhaustion. I have been overwhelmed at times, and completely lost in many ways. But each struggle is an opportunity to grow. Sigh. 

I am so grateful, in so many ways for this job. The staff in the classroom, who have been here all year, are a talented and wonderful group. They are funny, go with the flow kind of people, and for this I am grateful. You cannot do this job without a sense of humor and some grit. I am so grateful that the principal and office staff have been so helpful. I have never worked in a public school before, and there are so many things I had no idea how to do, and they helped me. The principal has called and texted me letting me know that I am appreciated and they are glad I came on board. The central special education staff has been by my side when dealing with some behaviors when I was at a loss. It has been good. Very good. And for this, I am grateful. 

I am also grateful because this feels like a second chance for me. A new start at adulthood. I am making enough money to live on my own, should I choose to. I can choose how to run my classroom, and what type of teacher I want to be for my aides. I can make new friends, and am making new friends, who can know me for me. Although, people know I am divorced, they did not know JD, they did not know me when I was married, they were not there for any of the trauma. My divorce is a part of my past, like where I went to college or where I grew up. It’s just a part. I am a single adult here. And, I get to make my mark here being who I want to be. 

Fresh starts are great. New mercies are great. And this job has reminded me of how wonderful it is that we get a fresh start each morning with God. His mercies are new with each rising sun. He is a merciful provider. I prayed for a long time for a new job. My small group and family labored in prayer for this, and the Lord provided. There have been some really rough days, but God placed me here for a reason. There are children in my class without a voice, and God has placed me here to be their advocate and helper. He is my helper, He is my fresh start, He is my advocate. And He has given me a heart to be the advocate for others, even when it’s hard. So, I will try to remain vigilant of my calling, and each morning, with the sunrise, I pray my heart will remain aware of the new beginning I have been given. 

I am grateful for this chance to start again. 

P.S. I wrote this when I was at lunch. 🙂


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