New Years Resolutions…revisited

Six/Seven months (ish) ago, I posted my New Year’s Resolutions, and I was reading over them, as I do with many goals to see how far I have come and what still needs to be done, and I decided to update where I was with my lofty goals.

So, I have accomplished the following resolutions:

1. I did something different with my hair. I cut bangs. I regretted it. To they always seem like a good idea, and then they are there, and you have to buy clips to pin them back and figure out what to do with them and it’s just never as Zooey Daschanel as I want.

2. I went on a date. It was fun. The guy turned out to be a toolbag, but at least I got my feet wet. This being said, if you know any single, Godly men, who happen to be attractive/funny/smart, give them my number (I’m serious here). Unless they are weird or smell. Then, no thanks.

3. I got a library card. And I used the heck out of it.

I have not accomplished the following goals yet:

1. I have not eaten a hamburger.

2. I have not cussed less. I have remained steady in my use of salty language, so as long as it’s not increasing, I’m cool.

3. I have only sang Karaoke 2 times. I have three slots to fill, so let’s get on that, friends!

4. I have not run a marathon. I have signed up for the Dallas Marathon in December, however. So I’m half-way there.

5. I have not memorized ten Bible verses. I will not beat myself up about this, however, because I still love Jesus. And He still loves me.

The first half of 2013 has been really good. I have been stretched and grown and had to do a lot of things that scared me, but in my fear, God is there. He has met me and led me and helped me to continue to grow to be a woman who glorifies Him. I am excited to see how the next half (ish) of the year goes. It should be exciting as it will bring moving to Lewisville, my first full year of teaching in Grand Prairie, and other fun stuff. Here’s to the rest of 2013! And, I’m still wanting to go on a date with Ryan Gosselin, so, you know, I’m just throwing that out there.


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