Tasting the sweet after such bitterness…

Sometimes God brings us something totally unexpected, and we are totally blindsided by His goodness and sweetness. Seven weeks ago, during the week before school started, when we were all in trainings, and stressing about our rooms, and wondering about final class lists, God completely floored me with a great surprise. (Great is not sufficient to describe it, but I am not a thesarus, so just deal with it.)

It was a training in the afternoon, after convocation, where all the SpEd teachers were going to be in the same room, and meet the new director, and have a few hours to talk to each other about any students that were moving up into our class, and stuff like that. So, I came in, late, and sat at the end of this aisle. And I was completely in my own world, thinking about something or another, and we went around and introduced ourselves to everyone. Then, we were signing in, and I introduced myself to this guy, who I had heard about, and went on my way. I did not know my life was about to change drastically. I get a text later from a friend who also knows this guy, then the next day, she tells me he was asking about me. And I get all giggly, but not too excited, because he’s probably going to be crazy or something. A few days pass, and I keep hearing about this guy and he’s interested in me, and I’m like “hurry up and get my number, sir.” Then, at like 5 on a Friday, while I’m decorating a bulletin board in my classroom, the door opens and he walks in. And, I was a bit dumbfounded, because of all the ways I thought he would contact me, this was not on my radar. And, in that moment, God began to show me a sweetness I had not tasted in years.

Collin stayed and helped me get my room ready, then we got coffee, and saw each other the next day, and then, we started dating.

A few days later, I was talking with a friend, who after suffering miscarriages the past few years, had finally gotten to see a picture of the sweet baby she and her husband are adopting. And I was just thinking to myself that both of us had struggled so much in past few years and had such times of saddness and heartache, and how beautiful and loving the Lord was to bring us joy again.  

Because I never thought I would laugh like this again. I didn’t think I would live in sadness forever, but I thought my heart would never feel this happy again. God is a giver of good things. And I am learning to enjoy the good things while they are here, because sweetness is that much better after tasting bitterness.

Thank you, God. For all things, good and bad, bitter and sweet. You are the giver of all, and You are sovereign.