2013…a year in review

This time last year, I was ready for a new year, I was ready for 2012, and all of it’s heartache, to be done.

2013 was different. Yes, there were struggles and challenges, and lots of new and scary adventures, but it was good. It was peaceful.

And so I look forward to 2014, but not as an escape from 2013, but because I am excited to see what it holds in store.

So, here is my year in review:

January: I rang in the new year by staying up later than I had in years, and remembered what it was to have fun and enjoyed celebrating with these fine folks:


February: Our family celebrated Valentine’s Day with our traditional spaghetti dinner. I also co- led a group of seventh grade girls during SPIN weekend. It was exhausting.

March: I vacationed at the beach, celebrated my 29th birthday, and celebrated the birth of a dear friend’s baby. I also interviewed for two teaching jobs.

April: Holy April batman! This month was nuts! I started my new job in GPISD and spent the whole month being exhausted. I also was thrilled to have another good friend have a baby.

May: I ended the school year well, and was excited to have a fresh start the next August. May was busy, although I remember none of it.

June: June brought the beginning of summer. I spent a few days at Young Lives camp with my mom, and loved it. What a joy it was to serve teen moms, with my mom. It was really great, and I was excited to see the love these girls experienced.

July: July was full of school stuff. I took a class for my alternative teaching certificate and spent three whole weeks inside. I also made my first, post-divorce, adult purchase. A new car! I was pumped to not be driving ol’ blue anymore, and it was a magical day when I drove that car home.

August: This month brought the most change to my life this year. This month brought the beginning of hipster watching in Denton with Heather ( a wonderful activity). I also celebrated my nephew Graham David’s 2nd birthday. I also found out my older sister was expecting her third baby.  School started back early with some trainings, and one of those trainings changed my life. I met Collin in August, and he was, by far, the best surprise of 2013. Second only to my new niece.

September: School started with a bang. Collin met my family at my step-dad’s birthday party, and they all loved him.

October: I moved to Arlington and out of the little yellow house. It was a difficult transition, but I am grateful to be closer to work. I realized that my heart was forever changed living in Denton, and this month proved difficult. I also met Collin’s family, which was wonderful. I truly enjoy them.

November: There was Thanksgiving. And Max turned 5. I cannot believe he is 5, as it seems like just last month he was born. Collin and I also took our first trip together. We didn’t even want to kill each other! Winning!

December: We celebrated Christmas this month. My dad came to my school to play Santa, the kids loved it. Collin and I celebrated Christmas by going ice skating. He got me a bike. I got him an ice cream maker. My family celebrated by attending church Christmas Eve, opening presents and having breakfast Christmas Day, and spending time with my Dad. I also spent Christmas evening with Collin and his family. December brought “IceMageddon” wherein my fourth marathon was cancelled. Boo. But it was nice to have a few extra days off of school.

2013 reminded me that God is faithful. He is near. He hears us in our fears and prayers, and wants good for us. This year reminded me that we are not abandoned. He is a good, loving, and faithful Father.

Here are a few more memories:

Jiu Jitsu at school.

San Marcos in NovemberSpring Break 2013

Happy New Year!


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