February has been a terrible month. Terrible. I am grateful that this month has less days than the rest. Collin told me he read that the most breakups happen in February.

I’m not surprised.

I mean, I fought like a crazy lady with him this month. My brother was sick, my fear escalated to a height it hasn’t seen since 2011, (which was pretty much a year of “Februarys”), I almost gave up on the love of my life. It was not fun.

But March is here tomorrow…

March will bring sunshine.

March brings a new baby.

March brings promises to love forever.

March brings the celebration of my 30th year on this here planet.

March brings flowers, sunshine, flip flops, warm bike rides, dates to the Arboretum, spring break, rest, and joy.

To me, March has always represented spring. And Spring is renewal. Spring means change. Spring means freedom from darkness and drudgery. Longer hours of sunshine, less hours of cold darkness.

March is here. Spring is here. Change is coming. This darkness is ending, warmth and beauty is growing in its place. 


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