Restoration and Redemption

Restoration and Redemption

Collin asked me to be his wife. I can imagine no greater picture of the Lord’s hand in restoring the years the locusts have stolen. I walked for years in pain, yet hopeful, knowing that God would certainly turn my mourning into dancing and my weeping into laughter. I danced and laughed last Thursday. Tears filled my eyes as he asked me if I would be his forever, my only thought being “Thank you, God, for this. For redemption. For the other side. For joy. You are good.”

And He is good, and He has always been holding my hand, preparing my heart for more of Him. I did not know that learning more of who God was would come through a long-haired, rice pudding eating, Jesus loving, bike-riding, beautiful man such as Collin.

God makes beautiful things out of dust.


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