Buried in the Grave

“All we had was a promise that You gave, keeping us from fraying at the edge”

The friends of Jesus woke up on that day after good Friday with that familiar pit swirling in their stomachs. You know the one, that “something is wrong, what’s happening, why, I can’t move” anxiety and fear that sits in your soul. That awful one that happens when you awaken and for a moment things are ok, and then you remember that they aren’t.

Their Lord, Savior, Rabbi, Teacher, Leader, and friend had been murdered. And, unlike us, they didn’t get it. They didn’t understand that the horrors they saw were the payment for their sin, they didn’t understand that He was coming back, He would conquer all. 

All they knew was a promise that they would see Him again. And this promise was what kept them. 

And we have that same promise. It’s not over. This mess we live in, it’s going to be redeemed. Those who are believers in Christ will see restoration, and He will come back for us. We are not abandoned. 

Even in the everyday things, He is coming for us. The moments when we come face to face with our own sin and selfishness, and want to despair, we can remember He is making all things new. He is working, and He is not done yet. 

So, like the disciples, we live in that place of clinging. We hold tight to the promise that He is coming again. We cling to the knowledge that He is good, He keeps His promises, He restores. We cling to the cross, where He paid it all, and when we hold fast to the cross, we cannot help but remember His forgiveness, His mercy, His grace, and His love for us. 

So, like the disciples held tight to the promise that He would rise again, we do too. He is coming again, and in those moments where we awaken to despair, let His promise be the one that keeps us from fraying at the edge. 


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