Well, I ran another marathon.

I ran my fifth marathon this weekend. It was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, in OKC. I’m tired, sore, and generally in a state of exhaustion today. My time was the worst it has ever been, and I’m blaming an injury sustained this fall, 40 mph headwind for a large portion of the course, and a long line or two (or four ) at the port-a-potty. But I did it, dang it. So, take that. 

Collin and I drove up Saturday afternoon, went to the expo, had dinner with one of his friends, and stayed with another friend. We woke up just before 5 on Sunday, got dressed, and headed down. Collin rode his bike next to me to the starting line, and we waited as the start was delayed from 6:30, to 7, to 8, to 8:15. We were in a parking garage as this huge storm blew through. We sat and laughed and talked and it was, although annoying to be delayed, a really fun time. I crossed the starting line at 8:25ish and ran for nearly five hours. That’s a long dang time. I listened to every song I had on my ipad, as well as a podcast. And around mile 24 I took out my earbuds and listened for Collin. I knew he would be there somewhere (at least I was hoping cause I needed a distraction. For real). 

I turned the corner and there he was in all his spandex glory. He hopped on his bike and that last mile flew. It was fun! I crossed the finish line, got some snacks and my shirt, and Collin and I headed out to have lunch. He had a burger, I had a salad and sweet potato fries. I consider this a victory because I used the salad dressing instead of asking for some fat free kind, and there were onion rings on my salad. It was good. Good. (Not a hamburger, I know, but I will eat one someday).

Yeah, so I did it. And I am going to make a list about it. 

My Marathon Memorable Moments:

1. Gorilla Hill: And entire segment up a hill where there were about 200 people dressed in banana outfits. 

2. Signs that said “Who needs nipples?”, “Go random stranger go”, “You are NOT almost there”, “Worst parade ever”, and my personal favorite “I’d rather be watching a Netflix marathon”. 

3. A lot of GU stops and water stops, God Bless ’em.

4. The wind blew in my face for 6 or 7 miles straight, and then was intermittent. These were serious gusts, too. Like, blow your hat off, run full on and barely move gusts. Awful! 


5. I got a tan. First time to ever get sunburned at a marathon. It really makes the swelling and soreness feel that much better. (Sarcasm)

6. See Collin, having Collin ride with me, and driving there and back with him.  I was tired and cranky on the way home and we managed to not  have much conflict. (Put that in the win column!)

7. Nilla Wafers at the post-race snack tent. Hello! Best ever!

8. Someone yelled my name (because it was on my bib) and I said “do I know you?” to them, before realizing that I am dumb.

9. All the families gathered in their yards to cheer and watch runners go by. I always love that. 

10. Collin saw how sore and uncomfortable I was, so he signed my up for a massage today after school. What a dang catch!

This is the second marathon I’ve run this month, and I am currently thinking that I’ll run The Dallas Marathon this December. And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll eat a hamburger this time. 




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