On Sunday we had a wedding shower. It was our second, and not last, shower before our wedding. My mom’s good friend, Joann, was the hostess, and it was a shower full of women who have poured into my life in ways that cannot accurately be expressed. The shower started with snacks and chit-chat, and then Joann had everyone go around and share how they were related to the bride and groom.

And I sat there taking in the sight of twenty some odd women talking about me. I sat there and I saw each woman and knew they had prayed for me and Collin at some point in our lives. I sat there and saw women who kept me as a child, taught me how to do long division, read me stories, and loved me. I watched women who prayed for me when I was dying from anorexia, when I was in treatment, when my heart was broken, when I had to pick up the pieces. These women saw it all. They lived it all with me, some closer than others, but they all saw the valleys I walked through and have witnessed the faithfulness of the Lord in His restoration.

And they get to witness it. They will be present on June 21st, as Collin and I become husband and wife. But more than that, they get to see and celebrate God’s redemption and grace in my heart and in Collin and my life together. And what a thing to celebrate.

I am so excited to celebrate our marriage and to have the people who watched the locusts destroy get to see the restoration.

I am excited to be Mrs. Davis. To know that my new last name with forever remind me of the gifts God gives and the grace He shows.



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