Family Dinner

Here’s another blog I wrote for Red Tent Living. Enjoy 🙂

Red Tent Living

I’m a recovering anorexic. The idea of dinner is not always one of joy and anticipation. It often comes with anxiety and impatience. It’s almost as though, on some days, I’m being lead to slaughter and I just want it over with. The idea of dinner to me is merely one of “this is what normal people do and I need to eat to take care of myself” and it is often a war against the voice in my head that tells me to not eat or purge. It is a battle for me, a battle that is not always easy to fight.

But family dinners saved my life, I think. Well, the “family” part of those dinners. You see, growing up, we ate dinner together every night, and when I developed anorexia, the only reason I ate sometimes was so that I wouldn’t be missing out on my family…

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