It’s about time I journal about this kid…

Well, I decided that I might just want to start writing down what’s going on with this baby, because, let’s be honest, I’ll forget and I’m still exiting the “What the heck” stage of finding out I’m pregnant.

We are at week 16, I count that as four months, but Collin, being the precise one that he is, insist that months have on average more than four weeks so I’m less. So, for the sake of peace, let’s just stick with 16 weeks.

Here we go:

Month 1-2: Sick, Sick, Sick. I’m still working out, at least an hour a day, and have added weights to the rotation. I like to eat salty food, soup, and ginger beer. Ginger beer was the only thing that would help my stomach for a few weeks there, so we went through quite a bit. I’m eating lots of rice, dry cereal, and cheese (weird), and the idea of vegetables, fruit, or anything I usually like is disgusting. I am really digging chicken tenders and rolls. Very weird.

Month 3: Things are still pretty off. We survived the holidays, I tried to eat, but found myself just surviving on a sleeve of saltine crackers most of the time. I’m also really tired and cannot handle the smell of sweaty people, chocolate, and fish. Ew-tastic. We went for our first official midwife appointment at 14 weeks, and heard the baby’s heartbeat. I got my blood drawn, they missed the vein and I ended up with this huge welt on my arm. Toward the end of this month, I start to feel better, and am feeling almost normal, except I can’t always button my pants and my rear-end has a mind of it’s own.

Month 4: Feeling so much better. School is back in session for the spring, and my little bump is starting to show. I’ll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow, but it may not happen. I am back to liking my regular foods of salad, fruit, and cheese. I have taken quite a liking to ice tea, probably because I force myself to chug down water (which I do not like) and then after I drink my allotted amount, I am done with it and want something new. I have also developed a weird enjoyment of chicken salad and will usually have that for lunch. I am liking salty foods, hummus, pickles, and fruit loops. I’ve have been exercising regularly, and even went for a run and felt semi-normal last week. It is such a relief to feel better. We have chosen a name for baby Davis, and are working on middle names now. I have felt the baby move once or twice, it is odd and feels like someone lightly tickling my stomach with their fingers. I am also liking sour candy (weird for me) and will often get a sour apple laffy taffy or two to eat each day. I am still in regular clothes, but will probably have to move to a maternity belt in the next few weeks. It’s becoming more fun and I am enjoying talking about baby with Collin and watching him talk to my stomach (or hum because baby doesn’t hear yet, but can feel vibrations-according to Collin).

So yeah, that’s baby up until now. I should probably be feeling all sorts of feelings about this and stuff, but honestly, I’m only feeling a little bit of fear about my butt getting big (yep, thanks eating disorder). Prayers appreciated in that arena for sure.


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