Christmas present gets put to use

Collin bought me a camera as a Christmas present this year (which was wonderful). I have no aspirations of being a photographer or any of that, but I wanted a camera so when Baby comes, pictures would end up on a camera and not my phone or floating in iCloud. I’ve had a lot of time to practice, plus having the most handsome husband and cutest nieces and nephews ever, make practicing for Baby even more of a joy. IMG_0215_zpsswghryls

IMG_0335_zpsrokdfaua (1)




IMG_0305 1_zpsn4rwsxbx3898fd73-0655-454f-bb73-c722f1c82b4e_zpstzjaej1n




IMG_0165_zpsm8hsdavs                                                               IMG_0209_zps2e9p0m76



One thought on “Christmas present gets put to use

  1. July 6th is my birthday.

    I received a notice about your writing on Red Tent. I read your writing, clicked to your blog. Was trying to decide if this is your first, so scrolled down and read your postings.

    I love being a mom. Except for 22 year olds. 22 year olds think they “know” how it all is. Did you know your brain grows when you have your first Grand Baby? It’s an extraordinary thing!!! I love being Grandma too. I can’t keep my eyes off babies. I don’t have to hold them. I want to, but babies shouldn’t be snatched away from where they feel safe.

    You may be interested in Educaring . . Resources for Infant Educarers

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