Team Davis



Wilson turns 1 in less than a month. This year has been so stretching. Our little family has struggled and grown and learned. It’s been hard for me, honestly. I know I err on the side of drama, but this year has really been a struggle.

We (Collin and I) have gotten married, moved in together, had a baby, moved church campuses and small groups, and learned to work/coparent/be married in less than 2 years. Our learning curve was steep and fast. There are moments where I get lost in despair and  feel like I will be on the struggle bus for ever, saying things like “I will never learn to be a good wife. I will always be someone who argues and my sassy mouth will ruin this marriage. We will never get this together and learn that we are on the same team”.

I need some grace. I need grace for Collin. I need grace for myself. I need grace for our marriage. Because perfection cannot be achieved, and I can try, and I will fail, and I will try again. And grace is needed.

Because, in the end, we are on the same team. It’s hard to take a step back and see that sometimes. We are for each other. I am for you, Collin and you are for me, and we are often blind to that reality.

We are on the same team. Team Davis vs. the world who tries to tear us apart. All marriages are that. You’re not fighting against your spouse, you’re fighting against the world. You’re fighting against the lies that tell you the person you married is the reason your life is “unhappy”.

I am writing this to encourage myself. I am writing this so that those who read it will help me to remember that I am on “Team Davis” not “Team Kacy”.

Team Davis forever.


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