What on Earth is going on?

“Jesus doesn’t want us to live the Christian life, He wants to live the Christian life through us”

I don’t know about everybody else, but what the hell is going on? (pardon my french) Seriously, people are getting murdered because of skin color, or nationality, or religion, or profession. Millions of children, men, and women are sold into slavery. People are running cars into celebrations. Donald freaking Trump is being nominated for President. What is happening?!?! And I am trying to raise a child in this world!?!?! I am overwhelmed.

I believe that as Christians, we should be known by our love of justice and the work we do to right wrongs. We should be known as people who love and seek the right and true way for others. Unfortunately, that calling is gigantic. Our world is fallen, and if you didn’t see it before, you can see it now. The events that were once a “far off third-world country” have landed in our backyard. Literally.

When I look at all the things that are going mad around me, and I look at my daily struggle to love well and care for my husband and son, I feel lost. I can’t do it all, I can’t possible live the life God wants me to. I can’t speak kindly all the time and read my Bible and think before I speak and not roll my eyes. I can’t not be a jerk. It’s impossible. And, our society and the church tells me to “get it together and live the Christian life”. And, I can’t. There are too many things to do to to live that life, there are too many hurting people to help and too many selfish desires in my own heart.

I’ve been doing a study about the “Christ Directed Life” this summer, and like actually doing it, like reading and praying and really pouring myself into it. And this week, I felt it. I had spent a few days being a total ass to my husband, and I kept shaming myself thinking “man, I was doing so good!” and then I read this:

“Jesus doesn’t want us to live the Christian life, He wants to live the Christian life through us”. Like, He is going to do it. If we ask Him to direct the ship, He will. When I became a Christian and I gave my life to Him, He gave me the Holy Spirit, and my body and life became no longer mine. I am a vessel. He is working through me, and I don’t have to do it.

It’s like a ship. The ship isn’t thinking “Oh crap, I better get it together to get these people on the water, and then I have to steer, and then I have to avoid icebergs, and geez, how will I keep this boat going”. The ship just is. It’s there, and someone steers it, and all it has to do is allow itself to be used for it’s purpose.

And that’s us. I don’t have to drive this ship, I don’t have to save everyone and make sure I’m super nice to my husband and live that super neat “Christian” life. He’s going to do it for me, if I let myself be directed by Him.

So, take heart. We don’t have to right the wrongs all by ourselves. God is working and He has a plan for Justice and that plan is us. Not because we are totally awesome, in fact, in spite of our best efforts, He will work. Let’s take a moment, breathe, and ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit. (by fill I mean guide and direct, not get all warm fuzzy and stuff).

He wants to be who He is through us. We have been crucified through Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. That’s it. He owns me, and I am really glad that He’s steering the ship because in this scary world, that ship needs the right Captain.


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