Confidence/Beauty/Point Sheets

“I got all ones today!!!” he said as he entered my classroom. “What?!?!? You did!?!?!?” I said back as I jumped out of my chair, picked him up and spun him around in circles.

“All ones” means his behavior was perfect. All ones means that he listened, he used kind words, he stayed on task, he didn’t run away or “get lost” in order to avoid work. All ones means he grew a little.

All ones means he now knows he can do it. Confidence is key.

My husband told me that the kids we teach, the ones with emotional disturbance and behavior issues, come to school with their problems and they try as hard as they can to give them to us. And our job is to hand them right back and tell them “That’s not my problem, that’s your problem and I’m here to help you learn to solve it”.

I love that. I love that each day, I get the chance to look at a student and let them know I believe in them, let them know that I know it’s hard but I know they have what it takes, let them know that I will carry the things they cannot until we figure out the tools they need to carry it alone.

Isn’t that what we all need to know, though? Life gets really hard, guys. Life has beat me down at times and I’ve wondered if I could ever get out from under the sorrow. And I remember wise words I heard, words that said I only have to get through today, words that told me I could do it, words that told me that what I cannot carry, He can. Because He can.

That’s what He does. He carries our struggles, He carries our worries, and He grows us daily until we learn to rely on Him. And when we have day to celebrate, He gets up, picks us up, and swings us around to remind us that we are treasured and we are worth celebrating. God is saying “I knew you had what it takes and I saw your beauty as you did it”.

God sees us. He sees our struggles and He celebrates our victories. Let’s celebrate, too! I know we are in my class. Tomorrow we get cookies and a dance party and it’s going to be magnificent!


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