Rear-view Mirror

So does anyone ever get caught off guard by Facebook memories? I open up the site only to be hit in the face with some nonsense I posted ten years ago about my dog or about finding an immigration lawyer in Honduras. (Which I no longer have (dog)and is no longer necessary (lawyer)).

It’s fun to look and see baby pictures of Wilson and things I posted about dying alone weeks before meeting Collin. But today, it was a picture of my brother and me and it said simply “Love you, Tyler”, and I couldn’t remember why I posted it until I remembered the date and the time of year and what was going on four years ago.

It’s really his story to tell, those details can be shared with whom he chooses, but I think we all had a story there. There were some really scary times. I didn’t know if his brain would take over and his soul would be lost and I’d always worry, or if he’d come around and go back to “normal” and we could all rejoice. I wondered if harm would come or he’d move to a mountain in Asia and I’d never see him again. I wondered if the smart, charming, and sometimes offensive Tyler would come home or if he was lost forever. I was afraid. I’ve been truly afraid only a handful of times in my life, and this was one of them.

But then this picture comes up, and all the memories flood back, and I think about how I saw Tyler last weekend. And how Wilson talks about him and how he’s the best uncle ever to all these rugrat kids, and it just makes it all the sweeter.

So, this is all I have to say, life is hard. Someone is reading this whose world is falling apart. Someone is reading this whose baby is sick, or son is disabled, or who found out they’re getting a divorce, and they need to know. They need to know that God is holding them. They need to know there is hope. They need to know that one day, maybe not on earth, but one day a memory will pop up for them and they will rejoice in what has been overcome.

So, that’s it. That’s my prayer for whoever reads this. That you hold on. The sun always rises, and so do we.