Young Lives

Last week my mom and I drove to Burnet, TX, to volunteer for a few days at Young Lives camp. Young Lives is a branch of Young Life, which is a ministry that brings the gospel to Junior High and High School students through a weekly meeting, camps, and a discipleship program called Campaigners. In high school, I went to Young Life, spent two summers at camp, and after high school, I did work crew, but Young Lives was something brand new to me.

Young Lives is a ministry for teen moms. Each leader mentors at least one young woman who has had a child or is pregnant, and speaks into her life the grace and joy that is Christ. I loved these girls, they are the burdened, heavy laden, and often overlooked high school students, and for one week, they get to be kids. They bring their babies to camp, where volunteers from all over the country come and provide child care so these kids with kids can be carefree for a few moments and concentrate during club. These mentors help the girls to love on their kids, be with their children, and be kids themselves.

What I love the most is the message they hear at camp and through their mentors. They hear the they are not forgotten, they are not alone, they have what it takes, they are forgiven, redeemed, and beautiful. They hear that Jesus wants them, and He will never leave them. They learn that they have a provider, a father, a protector. And when a mom can hear this and take it to heart, their sweet babies hear it, too. And that is what I love about Young Lives, that two people are impacted when one hears of Christ.

And I love this because my mom became a believer through Young Life, in high school. And because she heard the gospel through Young Life, her children were raised in a home where we learned that God is good, does good, and loves His children.

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