Baby Shower #1

Yesterday, my older sister, Kyle, my younger sister, Amy, and my best friend, Laura, hosted a baby shower for me. It was my first, and honestly, I was a little overwhelmed. Earlier in the day I had lost my keys, causing a 90 minute delay in my day, so I was a bit rushed when I arrived at Kyle’s house, and worried about the keys and just feeling a little off. (Don’t worry, Collin found the keys, they had fallen into a crack and ended up under the backseat where the spare tire is. Naturally, the first place I looked).

We ate food and then everyone sat in the living room and shared how they knew me, and a piece of parenting advice. Here are some I took to heart:

-From my own mother “I have no advice. Just pray a lot”

-From a mother of 5 “Teach your kids to play by themselves, for your own sanity.”

-From my friend Ruthie (not a parent, but taught with me for a few years)- take a break, it’s ok to step out and regroup.

-From my sister, Kyle- “Just ask for help. Don’t let it get too far gone before you ask for help, even if it’s the first day”

-From my cousin, Micah, mother of twins- “Don’t panic. It’s ok to cry, just don’t panic. It will be ok”.

-From a mom of two-“The to-do list can wait, take a break, listen to your kids, and look at what they want to show you”

-From my mom’s friend , JoAnne, mother of four girls “Read to your child. Start on day one. And always remember, you are the best parent for your child. God chose you to be your baby’s mother, and you are the best one for the job. He will help you, pray and ask for guidance.”

I was grateful for so many things yesterday. For those words, for my husband who looked for those keys, for my sisters and Laura who spent so much time on us, and for the women who loved on our sweet baby. I am 31 weeks today, with 9 weeks left until the due date. 🙂